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Excellence in the workplace is nominated providing all employees with the knowledge, training and tools necessary to allow for the completion of accurate and timely work. Our Quality Management system is ISO 9001:2008, certified by UKAS

Temperature and Pressure Lab

We have capability to calibrate all kinds of temperature related instruments from -20oC to 1200oC....

Dimension Lab

Gauge blocks set for calibration of all kinds of dimensional instruments capability to calibrate wide range.....

Electrical lab

Latest technology multi product calibrators which are capable of calibrating wide range of instruments in....

Survey Lab

We have a full fledged authorized service center compiling to Nedo Germany with industrial standard DIN 18723 (ISO12857).

Hydro testing and flow

Diesel flow meter calibration is achieved through an actual floor generation on ground and measurements are taken....

Plant maintenance

Preventing, schedule, maintenance of instrument in the plant includes dismantling, repair, testing, calibration, installing...

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Callibration Services

We specialize in the Widest Range of Repair, Calibration, Certification Services in Dubai and the surrounding states. We offer a quick turn around service for mail in items from all over the UAE.

Electrical Instruments

Pressure Instruments

Dimensional Instruments

Temperature Instruments

Mechanical Instruments

Plant Maintenance


Flow Meters

3rd Party Safety & Training

Instruments for Refrigeration Equipments

Gas Detection and Alarm Devices Mass

Instruments for Medical /Testing/Inspection

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