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Betalink Instrumentation & Calibration Services LLC. DXB, UAE

Betalink has been awarded to ISO/ IEC 17025:2017, to ISO/ IEC 17020:2005,and ISO 9001:2015,BS EN
ISO14001:2015 & OHSAS 18001 by QRS Moreover, to serve the industries better and easier, the accreditation
was granted for in lab and onsite activities.

Betalink Instrumentation & Calibration Services LLC. DXB, UAE


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Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah, and Umm Al Quwain.

In order to support the industrial products and services of local industry requirement, we have established in 2007 a service and maintenance facility. BETALINK Instrumentation & Calibration Services L.L.C., dedicated to serve the field of instrumentation & control related to oil, gas, and power, and water, petrochemical and processing industry.

In search of excellence, we have invested in the state of art equipment and now specialize in service and maintenance of varied instrument and control systems.

We have developed our own understanding of customer needs and our objectives are tailored to meet all end users‘requirements.


We specialize in the Widest Range of Repair, Calibration, Certification Services in Dubai and the surrounding states. We offer a quick turn around service for mail in items from all over the UAE.

Instruments for Refrigeration Equipments
Gas Detection and Alarm Devices Mass
Instruments for Medical /Testing/Inspection/ Laboratory equipments
Mechanical Instruments
Flow Meters
3rd Party Safety & Training
Electrical Instruments

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Top-rated ISO Certified Calibration company in Dubai

in recognition of our technical and professional competency, the lab was accredited by DAC (Dubai Accreditation Center) & ENAS (Emirates National Accreditation System) to the International standards ISO/IEC 17025:2005 in Pressure, Temperature, Electrical, Dimension, Mass, Volume discipline and many more parameters are in line for the accreditation. Moreover, to serve the industries better and easier, the accreditation was granted for in lab and onsite activities.
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Our services meet the national and international standards set forth by national and international government bodies therefore; being one of the accredited facility from municipality we are building the trust in our customers by full Fulfilling their requirements, who are proud to have a great association with us since years of experience

Electrical Instruments
Electrical Measuring Instruments Calibration


We Perform the Calibrations That Keep UAE Manufacturing

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Excellence in the workplace is nominated providing all employees with the knowledge, training and tools necessary to allow for the completion of accurate and timely work. Our Quality Management system is ISO 9001:2008, certified by UKAS
We have capability to calibrate all kinds of temperature related instruments from -20oC to 1200oC. The latest technology for the calibration of Infrared Thermometer with Black-body is our specialty. We stimulate the electrical equivalent for the temperature indicator in collaboration with the electrical lab. We offer high quality calibration for pressure measuring instrument such a pressure gauges, transmitters, switches etc. with precise reference level equipment which is traceable to National/International Standards in the wide range and price range.
Gauge blocks set for calibration of all kinds of dimensional instruments capability to calibrate wide range of dimensional instruments like Vernier caliper, Micrometre, Dial gauges, Height gauges, Bore gauges, Granite surface plates, Pin Gauges, Master level and Spirit level etc.

Latest technology multi product calibrators which are capable of calibrating wide range of instruments in-house such as Multi meters, earth testers, clamp meters etc and Onsite such as Welding Machine and Electrical meters. Traceable calibration of Oscilloscope and simulation in temperature parameters is most advanced steps in our Electrical Lab.

We have a full fledged authorized service center compiling to Nedo Germany with industrial standard DIN 18723 (ISO12857). We are provider of precision measuring systems such as GPS based surveying equipment, total stations, Theodolites, and automatic levels. We provide complete measurement solution and calibration for the field of surveying instruments.
Diesel flow meter calibration is achieved through an actual floor generation on ground and measurements are taken with the master meter. Master meter is calibrated from accredited government lab. Pressure safety valves testing/verification as per API standard. Many prestigious contracting companies and their clients (Government) have had witnessed and improved our PSV testing. Supply, Repair, servicing and calibration of flow meter such as turbine, PD, etc. Flushing, pneumatic testing and leak test of piping, spools and s kids.
Preventing, schedule, maintenance of instrument in the plant includes dismantling, repair, testing, calibration, installing and certification.



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Musaffa 26 – Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates

We would like to add in your knowledge that we are globally recognized by the municipality, national, and international government bodies which makes us capable of performing work that is standardized internationally. 

We are accredited by DAC (Dubai Accreditation Center) and ENAS (Emirates National Accreditation System), which affirms that we are ISO/IEC 17025:2005 in Pressure, Temperature, Electrical, Dimension, Mass and Volume discipline. Also, we are not limited to these but progressing further for more accreditations. 

Betalink provides services in almost every state of UAE. To know about whether we work in your state or not contact us.

We have been working in the field of Calibration services for past 13 years with numbers of customers satisfied.

We calibrate various instruments which include Electrical, pressure, Dimensional, Temperature, Refrigeration Equipment, Gas Detection, and Alarm Devices, Medical, Lab Equipment, Mechanical, Valves, Flow Meters, and last but not the least we also provide 3rd Party Safety and Training.

You can easily request a consultation by giving us a call on our official number.

Getting in touch with us is not a thing to worry about. We try to make it easier for our clients. 

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Eliminating or minimizing the chances of measurement error from instruments is called calibration.  

In order to achieve accuracy, it is necessary that you get your instruments calibrated every once in a while, from calibration experts. 

Metrologist, Calibration Engineer, Calibration technician, Laboratory Manager, Manufacturing Engineer, Instrument Technician and few others combined together with help of their knowledge are determined to provide your instruments with accuracy.

Depending upon the standards, nature of work, and accuracy requirements, generally, recommendations are given by the producers. Best is to get calibrated once or twice a year.

Betalink is UAE’s best calibration specialists and third party control service providers. 

Here are a few awards that we’ve received: 

ISO/ IEC 17025:2017

ISO/ IEC 17020:2005

ISO 9001:2015

BS EN ISO 14001:2015

OHSAS 18001 by QRS 

The accreditation mentioned above was granted for both onsite activities and in lab activities, so we can serve the industries in a seamless manner.

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